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I have had 5 MysteryByte computers built and have purchased many parts from them over the years. Their knowledge and service is stellar. They would take as much time as needed to talk about the pros/cons of different setups or to speculate about potential problems and offer solutions. I have never felt rushed or pressured. Just today, they spent over an hour trying to help me transfer data from an old laptop hard drive to a new solid state drive which I intended to buy from them. Unfortunately, the original drive was unreadable, despite their best efforts. I offered to pay for the hard drive that they had opened from the packaging, and the time their tech spent on it, but he just said they do not charge when these things do not work out. These are talented, knowledgeable, and kind people. Highly recommended.

--Brad P. on Yelp! in 2021

Great staff, super respectful and helpful. Came in unsure of what issues my computer may have, they tested and inspected it and had it ready for me the next day. They even threw in a new power cord for free. Couldn't reccomend these guys more. Will come to them if ever I have another issue.

--Wyatt S. on Google in 2021

Had a great mid-range gaming PC built for our 13 year old this past December. Our fault for leaving the order late, but the team at MysteryByte put in that extra effort and had the machine ready for Christmas Eve, much to our son's delight on Christmas Day. We experienced a minor issue about 3 months later with a sound driver that needed updating, but contacting the store lead to excellent service, with the staff working with us remotely and providing the needed fix. Completely recommend MysteryByte. Product, price, service - all spot on.

--Mike C. on Reseller Ratings in 2020

I've been going to MysteryByte off and on for several years now after a friend recommended them to me. Got my last computer through them, and am awaiting my new one that will be ready soon.

Overall, great computer shop. You can get some pretty decent custom-built PCs for fair prices here, and communication with the staff is A+. They're also very friendly, helpful, and social in person. The overall atmosphere of the shop is really welcoming, especially with the super friendly store cat that they've got. It was hanging around me being really cuddly one day when I had to wait a few minutes since the guy at the counter was dealing with another customer.

Affordable prices, friendly and informative staff, and awesome cat. What's not to like?

--Daniel B. on Yelp! in 2019

Good service, great prices for a local shop and super friendly staff. I've been shopping at MysteryByte since the late 90's when they had the little shack by the rotary. They have outlasted just about every other local PC shop in the area.

--Alain G. on Google in 2018

I bought a custom gaming PC from MysteryByte in Jan 2013 that has been working great until the video card died suddenly last week. I called MysteryByte to get their advice, and they told me the card was still under the manufacturer's warranty. The owner invited me to bring the whole PC in and they would look at it for no charge. I was extra lucky that they just happened to have an identical card in stock. They installed their working card in my PC, kept the dead one to ship away for warranty replacement, and sent me on my way without charging me anything. What more could I ask?

--Jim T. on Yelp! in 2015

I don't think it's any secret that I'm all for admitting when I'm in over my head. That was me when trying to figure out how to order a new, custom-built computer. When you don't even understand the Google search results, it's time to call in the experts.

The guys at MysteryByte were fast, responsive, informed, and more than willing to simplify the process for me. They understood what I was looking for, offered up great recommendations including rationale for any decisions that could have gone one way or another, and even got it in ahead of schedule.

Pricy? Yes. Completely inconvenient to get to? OH YES. But who cares. They did their job better than I expected and I'm thankful for 'em.

Bonus points for adorable cats hanging out behind the counter.

--Ben B. on Yelp! in 2013

Excellent service. Always stand behind their product sales and frequently go the extra mile if a product is out of stock or you've had an issue with a purchased part. My go to place for local computer purchases.

--Simon L. on Google in 2013

Hands down the best computer shop in Halifax. Quick painless service, and very nice people working there. I always go here with both my computers to get them upgraded or build new PCs and always recommend them to my friends. Their shop is small but don't let it deter you.. they know what they're doing. Love this place!!

--Sarah H. on Yelp! in 2012

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