Reasons to choose MysteryByte!

Quality product line

All components in our product line are carefully chosen based on reliability and performance. Any trends in failure rates or poor manufacturer support help us decide what makes the cut, leaving us with a highly reliable product line that continues to improve. We do not add a part to our product line unless we feel we can stand behind it. This results in a high quality custom computer.

Faster build times

By stocking inventory on hand of our most popular parts, and maintaining a smaller supply line of parts, we are able to offer pickup and ship times of 5-10 business days on nearly all of our system orders. (IOT Enterprise projects allow up to 14 days)

We want to talk to you.

We are only a phone call or an email away. At MysteryByte, you can actually talk to a real person that could even be the tech that builds your new PC! We understand the importance of personal service and it is a priority for our small business. We are glad to help with any questions you have and provide as much help as needed before and after a purchase. We believe and understand that informed customers can make the best decisions when armed with the right information!

Lifetime support

When you buy a computer system from MysteryByte, we are here to help you even after your system warranty expires. We continue to answer your questions and support the products in your system for the duration of your manufacturer's warranty.

Clean OS installation (no “bloat ware” software)

We do not load your new system with trial software, ads and promos nagging you to purchase after the (free) time expires. No one wants a computer preloaded with junk as it can slow down your computer and cause problems with Windows updates. We do offer some courtsey installs of free, useful open source software packages such as: Libra Office, VLC media player, Chrome and/or Firefox internet browser and Adobe PDF reader.

Latest drivers, Bios and updates

It is important to us that each custom computer is built with the newest software and latest drivers available. We carefully prepare each system before local picked up and delivery or shipped across the Provinces.

Assembly and Cable Management

We have many custom options for cases and cooling which increases the need for expert cable routing techniques. We take great effort when assembling your system to keep it looking sleek. You will be pleased when you see the inside of your computer through the side window. Check out some of our current system builds.

Quality control checklist

We have a thorough checklist that is followed for every system we build.

Burn-in process

Your computer system is fully tested prior to pickup or delivery. All hardware parts and windows software are stress tested under heavy load to ensure reliability of real workflow or gaming conditions. Here are a few of our favorite testing and benchmarking apps. Memtest86 * FurMark * 3DMark * PassMark * BurnInTest * Cinebench * Catzilla

Backup and recovery

In addition to receiving your full operating system DVD, we also provide you with the most up to date windows system image and backup when an extra HDD is purchased. It can help you restore your system back to a date to repair issues like windows updates, viruses and failures . As a 2nd option we have also provided a windows install on USB and It will allow you to quickly wipe your hard drive and restore your operating system to exactly the way it was when you first received your PC minus your data and programs! Always call us before choosing this option and make sure your data is backed up. Also remember that moving all your files to the cloud or and external backup device and then removing them from you system is not a backup anymore. Your data needs to be in a minimum of two places at all times.

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